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Gladent GD-S800
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Product Description:
Gladent GD-S800 Dental unit with accessories

Gladent GD-S800

European Elegance
Designed by Italian Designer

It's time to choose a better partner

Whole pipeline disinfection
Handpiece tube, 3-way syringe tube, high and low suction tube, spittoon flushing water supply pipeline disinfection to prevent cross-infection.


Pipeline disinfection
Handpiece pipe disinfection assistant to prevent the splash of disinfection.

Pipeline disinfection

Double bottles of water storage system
Built in distilled water and disinfection water double bottle water storage system, one key switch disinfection system. Disinfection can be used to disinfect the whole pipeline and internal circuit of strong and wear suction.

Dual bottle


Butterfly metal backrest

Butterfly metal bacckrest maximized the leg space for doctors and assistants, and the medical team can be close to the patients as possible.

Butterfly backrest

Metal detachable backrest
The metal detachable backrest can be installed and disassembled quickly and easily, also more stronger.

Metal detachable backrest

Ergonomic compensation chair frame
Ergonomic compensationchair frame with centred gravity, more stable, which makes patients more comfortable during treatment.

Chair frame


American fashionable instrument tray

Fashionable instrument tray with label and aluminum handle, convenient for doctor to operate.

Instrument tray

Metal bending plate
Metal bending plate with hard PU, has stronger rigidity and toughness.

Metal bending plate

One key positioning headrest
Cast aluminum multi-joint push one key positioning headrest allows doctors to adjust different positions.



Detachable filters

Built out and detachable suciton filter

Detachable filter

Spittoon and flush water supply
Removable spittoon and flushing water supply, convenient for daily cleaning.


Humanized design of water adjust valve
Humanized design of water adjust valve one for one, convenient for doctors to operate.

water adjust valve

Main switch
One-button water, gas and electricty main switch to ensure the safe operation of dental chair.

Main switch

Super silky, which feel  like the skin of newborn baby


Item Description Quantity
High-speed handpiece connector 2
Low-speed handpiece connector 1
3-way syringe 2
LED sensor operating lamp 1
LED film viewer 1
High suction & saliva ejector system 1
Auto spittoon flushing & cup filler control system 1
Ceramic spittoon bowl 1
Built-in water purifier system 1
24V DC motor for chair 1
Seamless cushion (PU) 1
Doctor's stool 1
W&H TG-98L Synea Fusion Turbine High Speed (LED) 2
W&H 56L Synea Fusion Contra Angle 1:1 1
W&H HG-43A Synea Fusion Straight Handpiece 1:1 1
Gladent Micromotor up to 40,000 rpm 1
EMS Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with 1 tip A 1

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